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Superset Marketing is a marketing services company designed around a simple premise: small businesses should have access to the same strategic marketing expertise that larger businesses do, without paying a fortune.


We’re organized based on a simple premise—experts with specific skills in specific areas can provide better results in a shorter amount of time, and most importantly, with a better ROI. That frees you up to what you do best—grow your business.


At its most fundamental, marketing is about understanding customers. Consultants and agencies can’t do that effectively when they’re juggling 30 or more clients. Accepting only 4 local clients at one time means lots of face to face interaction so we can develop a deep understanding of your customers. Crazy? Maybe, but it works to your advantage.


You need to start with marketing experience, built up over many years with the focus on the customer. Brand strategy reflects business strategy, which leads to a comprehensive and calculated marketing strategy. Once a well-designed marketing strategy is in place, the marketing tactics become obvious.

Marketing Insights

Private Label Brand Strategies

Private Label Brand Strategies There’s a lot of discussion around private labels these days, most notably with respect to Amazon and Walmart. But the discussions rarely go past observations about the growth of private labels and the potential for them to impact...

How Advertising Works, and Why You Should Care

How Advertising Works, and Why You Should Care “Perhaps the most enduring challenge for those involved in the advertising industry is to explain how it actually works…” (Reed and Ewing, 2002) “How quickly come the reasons for approving what we like!” (Jane Austen, in...

“Uh oh. It’s our people that make the difference.”

“Uh oh. It’s our people that make the difference.” There’s no question that great people can be a significant benefit to a business, indeed it’s hard to imagine a successful business without dedicated and hardworking people behind it. But when I hear businesses say...

Leveraging the Corporate Brand

The Brand Challenge A curious thing happened when the Geek Squad technical services began to swap out their older logoed VW Beetle fleet for the Prius. Where there had previously been only the black and orange Geek Squad logo, the familiar bright yellow Best Buy logo...