Why Superset


Superset Marketing is a marketing services company designed around a simple premise: small businesses should have access to the same strategic marketing expertise that larger businesses do, without paying a fortune.

A marketing director at a Fortune 500 company has a team of experts at his or her fingertips, specialists in everything from social media to event marketing to paid search. This is precisely the motivating principle behind Superset Marketing – the recognition that deep expertise over a shorter time span is more efficient, more productive and more beneficial than anything a jack-of-all trades marketing person can do. Marketing is too specialized today to rely on one person to handle all aspects of strategy, customer research, brand development, marketing plan development and tactical marketing execution across all channels. We’ll work with you to customize a marketing strategy based on quantitative and qualitative research, and then rely on our team of specialists to execute. All for less than the cost of a single full time employee. Sound good? Let’s talk!

Quantitative & Qualitative Customer Research

Business Strategy

Brand Positioning

Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Tactical Execution

  • Direct marketing
  • Digital marketing (Social, Email, Web, SEO, PPC/Paid search)
  • Graphic Design
  • Video
  • Website development (front and back end)


  • Awareness
  • Brand equity and loyalty
  • Net promoter scores


How are we different? For one, we only accept 4 clients. Seriously.

At its most fundamental, marketing is about understanding customers. Consultants and agencies can’t do that effectively when they’re juggling 30 or more clients. Accepting only 4 local clients at one time means lots of face to face interaction so we can develop a deep understanding of your customers. Crazy? Maybe, but it works to your advantage.

If you hired a full time Director of Marketing, you wouldn’t expect a tactical plan at the end of his or her first day. And yet that’s exactly what most marketing consultants do. An hour long phone call leads to a quote for services. Presenting a detailed quote for services prior to a business and brand audit is marketing malpractice. It might be easy, but it just doesn’t work.

We speak from personal experience when we say that we’ve fallen victim to the typical consulting firm. You spend a small fortune, they fly in for a couple days of endless meetings, only to demonstrate in their final presentations (with embarrassing clarity) that they really don’t understand your business.  It’s not the consultants’ fault, it’s simply a fundamentally flawed approach — a quick and superficial scan of a business just isn’t going to cut it. Having only 4 clients means we spend 25% of our time on all aspects of your business, and serving local businesses means we can spend that time face to face digging into the complexities of your business and market, learning what you’ve learned and adding to a more complete understanding of your customer. Let’s talk…face to face!


We’re organized based on a simple premise—experts with specific skills in specific areas can provide better results in a shorter amount of time, and most importantly, with a better ROI. That frees you up to what you do best—grow your business.

Superset Marketing is a team of partners who are all experts in their respective fields. Fast and efficient, they can get better results in a fraction of the time and ultimately at a lower net cost. You can spend hours a week managing your own campaigns, or juggling 5 consultants. Or you can let us handle it. Bottom line, we have the knowledge, skillset and tools to do it right, and deep experience means we can do it right while doing it faster. Ultimately what we all care about is results—so you can spend your time growing your business.

For a less than the cost of a full time employee, you’ll get a marketing director with over 20 years of marketing experience and a team of experts each with an average of 17 years of experience in their respective areas. This is not the time to reinvent the wheel and recreate old mistakes.


You need to start with marketing experience, built up over many years with the focus on the customer. Brand strategy reflects business strategy, which leads to a comprehensive and calculated marketing strategy. Once a well-designed marketing strategy is in place, the marketing tactics become obvious.

If you start your marketing process with an ad agency, you start with an ad mindset. The creative is what brings the brand to life and reflects the overall marketing strategy – in other words, it’s the end of the process, not the beginning. Agencies typically start with graphic designers, and then work backwards towards marketing.

If you start with a web design focus, you start with individuals trained in graphic and web design, who perhaps have added on some marketing experience. Again, this starts at the end of the process.

If you start with a marketing “jack of all trades” with a modest amount of experience, you will get a “master of none” who fixates on tactics first, rather than assessment, research, and strategy.

You don’t have the budget or the time to chase every trendy marketing initiative – you need to focus on what’s going to work.  A coherent strategy eliminates the peripheral, and focuses on the impactful. Put simply, you can’t execute your way out of a bad strategy; you need to do it right from the beginning.